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Once you have set up your online registration form, you will be able to choose and manage in detail all aspects of your participants’ registration. This includes the means of controlling online registrations, promoting the event and sending confirmations and receipts.

Monitoring online registration

It is possible to define the conditions for a registration to be validated. Eventmaker allows you to :

  • Limit online registrations only to people invited by email or who have an invitation code.
  • Define a limited number of seats for your sessions, by imposing quotas.
  • Control online registrations with moderation, possibly combined with a request for proof.
  • In the case of an online ticketing system, it is possible to authorize or not the participants to pay later (bank transfer or check) and if necessary to record their payment online.

Send and transfer confirmation messages

Once the registration is validated, maintain the link and reassure your participants by sending them information on their registration automatically via the confirmation page of the form and/or via the transmission of a registration confirmation email.

This action allows you to summarize the elements of the registration in an automated and personalized way for your subscribers according to the purchases or actions carried out.

Share the receipts

Depending on your event and your needs in terms of follow-up, you will need to send certain documents to your participants:

  • Send the badge with QR code in PDF version.
  • Include a QR code on the confirmation email directly.
  • Send summary PDF documents.
  • Send an invoice.
  • Issue a certificate of attendance.

Promote your event

Once your participants have registered, they can become ambassadors for your event by promoting it. Via the Eventmaker platform, it is also possible to:

  • Propose joint registration of collaborators on the confirmation pages and emails, so that they have a pre-filled and therefore easier registration.
  • Suggest to your subscribers that they sponsor other visitors in their networks.

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