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As experts in the event industry, agencies face multiple challenges, including meeting the needs of each of their clients, remaining agile and responsive regardless of the event format, and knowing how to stand out while attracting new clients.

So, when choosing your service providers, they must have the exact requirements and reactivity to help you achieve your objectives!

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They trust us

5 raisons de choisir Eventmaker pour votre agence :

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Reinforce Your Clients’ Brand Image

Organize impactful events to promote your customers’ brand, product, or service! Create a website that reflects their image, send personalized invitation campaigns, share expert content, create targeted and simplified itineraries, etc. Using Eventmaker allows you to have all the digital marketing for your client’s event in one place while maximizing participant engagement, from networking to interactivity and accessibility features!

Streamline the Reception

Waiting at the reception desk for 10 minutes can be frustrating to start an event. At Eventmaker, we streamline access control and minimize waiting times at the entrance. By implementing a QR code scanning application, setting up multiple entry points, and using professional equipment like Check-In Pro, we ensure a hassle-free check-in experience. Our experts can enhance on-site organization by providing real-time arrival notifications, enabling contactless payments, creating personalized badges for attendees, etc.

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Analyze Your Events’ Success

Leverage the data generated during your in-person and digital events with our comprehensive reports and dashboards that will give you better visibility of your impact. You can measure engagement (scoring), build participant profiles and adapt your content and connections. You can also integrate this data into your customers’ information systems (SSO, CRM) for even more effective post-event follow-up!

Benefit from Personalized Support

Let our experts guide you and focus on high-value-added tasks! Beyond a simple platform, Eventmaker puts project management at the core of its offer. Our Customer Success Managers ensure the success of your events. Before, during and after each of your events, our experts advise you and share their best practices in logistics management, communication and promotion, data exploitation, performance analysis, etc.

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Boost Event Management

Eventmaker offers a versatile solution tailored to all your clients and their in-person, virtual, or hybrid events. With a few clicks, you can easily access all your upcoming events for the year, duplicate existing events, and increase your responsiveness. Our platform is designed to be quick to set up and is continuously evolving to serve your needs and your clients’ needs.

Preferred Services of Our Event Agencies

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Registration & Ticketing

Effectively manage even the most complex registration processes with Eventmaker’s customized workflows, step-by-step forms, and conditional displays. Our platform offers a module that’s specifically optimized for creating conversion-focused forms.

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Event Application

Immerse your attendees in an inclusive experience with our mobile applications. From a personalized homepage and program to chat, messaging, and meetings, our app ensures that participants can access all the event’s content in one app.

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Event Website

Eventmaker allows you to create a custom showcase website that perfectly reflects your client’s brand. With our customization features, targeted navigation paths, content integration options, etc.,  setting up a website has never been easier!

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Feedback from our clients

“The fact that we master the platform and can deploy it quickly is a real benefit to our clients. We are known for being responsive and adaptable, just like Eventmaker!”

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