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Workshops, training, onboarding sessions, network facilitation…. Professionalize your videoconferences to reflect your brand ! Benefit from a comprehensive virtual events solution that leverages expertise and capabilities to elevate your online events.

3 reasons to choose Eventmaker for your videoconferences

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Offer Powerful Meeting Tools

Our comprehensive platform and expert support are available to assist you in setting up all your digital events, including videoconferences. Organize your sessions, workshops, and many-to-many virtual meetings in a few clicks.

Encourage Collaborative Work

Participants can interact, collaborate, and react in real-time via webcams and chat. Our platform allows for seamless communication and facilitates exchanges, allowing participants to share their screens as needed.

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Choose Scheduled or Spontaneous Meetings

Select the suitable meeting mode by either scheduling meetings in advance and assigning participants to specific rooms or allowing spontaneous gatherings in available spaces with limited capacity.

Why choose Eventmaker for your videoconferences?


Use a single platform for all your virtual (and hybrid) event needs


Professionalize your presentations


Benefit from reliable support from our project managers

Our features

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Do you want to elevate your virtual events with Eventmaker?


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