Build an online ticketing service under 5 minutes!

Build your price offer

Associate prices to each ticket category and choose the information you want to request from your visitors, per ticket and per order. Thanks to the different templates, you can decide to send each participant their own ticket or group them together in an email to the person who placed the order.

Select the category corresponding to the ticket and decide if there is :

  • A maximum number of tickets
  • Available per order
  • A fixed price or not
  • A VAT rate

    You can add as many tickets as you want and allow them to access several parts of your event: the entrance, the conferences, the workshops, etc.

Increase your sales with promo codes

You can create as many promo codes as you need, limiting their use according to the type of ticket, to a quota, or in time (useful for early bird campaigns, for example).
You can create them from the Eventmaker platform, or generate them in an Excel or CSV file and import them on a massive scale.

Consult your sales statistics

Thanks to the reports, you can consult your sales statistics by ticket category and by promo code at any time.

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