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Badges & QR codes

Access registration during an event has a certain importance to allow your visitors living the best customer experience.

Indeed, having enough entry points, knowing how to guide attendees and avoiding waiting will allow visitors to feel welcome and to access the event.

The creation of QR codes or badges is therefore an excellent way to anticipate the arrival of visitors and to manage the different entry points!

QR code creation

When registering, the visitor obtain a barcode (QR code) which will be used as an entry badge to the event. This code can be available in the participant’s personal space, on the event’s mobile application, or sent by email.
On the day of the event, the participant only has to present his smartphone displaying the QR code or his physical badge which will be scanned by our event management software, so that his registration is instantly verified and his entry recorded.
The creation of QR codes allows a fast and simplified management of entries. In addition to QR code generation, we also offer scanners. Indeed, there are different ways to scan a QR code.
Your teams can still use smartphones, but QR code scanners are more convenient. By using them, you can scan up to 1000 codes per hour and per device! The creation of QR code allows you to benefit from these advantages. (link to the checkin-pro page)

Badges to print

Our badge creation software also gives you the possibility to create printable badges. You can opt for the creation of personalized badges with, for example, the name, the first name and a photo of the visitor.

Then, the visitor will be able to print his badge and present it on the day of the event to enter. It is also possible for your visitors to print or collect their badge directly at the entrance of the event. In this case, self-registration terminals are set up to allow visitors to register and print their badges on their own.

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How to use QR codes with Eventmaker?

Why print a QR code on my badge

Eventmaker allows you to assign a QR code to each guest and to print it on their badge. Thus, you will be able to track the visitor itineraries thanks to the Eventmaker App.

What information is integrated in my QR code?

QR codes integrate an important quantity of data. In addition to the participant’s username, one can also add its contact details. The QR code stocks this information with redundancy which guarantees its efficiency even under bad conditions (bad printing, damaged badge).

Can I add other information in the QR code

Yes. It’s possible to choose the different information that you wish to integrate into your QR code badge. Thanks to calculated fields, one can integrate personalized fields or any other data format.

Are QR codes encrypted

Yes. One can activate the encrypting data feature. In this case, only allowed devices can read the QR code.

What should be the size of my QR code?

For a QR code simply integrating the username, it should measure 1x1cm. For a QR code integrating all contact details, the QR code size should be 2,5×2,5cm. Please, respect a 2cm margin around the QR code. It should be printed in black on white to be readable by every device.

Does the QR code allow the exhibitor to collect the data of the visitors that came to his booth?

Yes. The QR code contains the participants’ data. Thanks to the Eventmaker Leads App, grant your exhibitors the possibility to consult the list of all the visitors that came to their booth.

Is it possible to scan QR code badges from a third platform?

Yes. You can use the Checkin Eventmaker App to scan the QR codes generated by a third platform. To do that, make sure your QR codes can be read by our devices and that your data can be recognized by the Eventmaker platform with a compatible ID. To make sure there are no compatibility issues, please get in touch with our support team.

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