Associations and Foundations: Fulfill Your Mission by Organizing Impactful Events

Associations and foundations encounter various challenges, such as effectively communicating their mission, attracting new members, complying with legal requirements, and acquiring funding and resources for their organization.

Therefore, selecting the optimal solution is critical when arranging events.

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4 Reasons To Choose Eventmaker for Your Association

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Manage Your Registrations Efficiently

Eventmaker simplifies your registration process and improves your conversion rates! With just a few clicks, you can easily register participants, categorize them, update their information, and track payments. Once the registration is confirmed, share news, upcoming events, programs, services, and more with your members. Eventmaker allows you to focus on your work while managing logistics efficiently.

Maximize Engagement

Event Management Software (EMS) empowers you to communicate with your audience in a more efficient and personalized manner! Build a website that reflects your brand, launch personalized invitation campaigns, showcase your event agenda, offer online discussion forums, and more. By optimizing communication about your organization’s mission, programs, and impact, EMS helps you attract new supporters and secure funding.

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Collect and Exploit Your Data

Leverage the data generated from in-person and digital events, and consolidate it onto a single, GDPR-compliant platform. Eventmaker allows you to gather valuable declarative and behavioral information about your audiences, including their interests and preferences. By understanding your community’s needs, you can deliver more personalized events and features that cater to their preferences!

Streamline the Reception

Waiting at the reception desk for 10 minutes can be frustrating to start an event. At Eventmaker, we streamline access control and minimize waiting times at the entrance. By implementing a QR code scanning application, setting up multiple entry points, and using professional equipment like Check-In Pro, we ensure a hassle-free check-in experience. Our experts can enhance on-site organization by providing real-time arrival notifications, enabling contactless payments, and creating personalized badges for attendees.

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Preferred Services for Associations and Foundations

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Registration & Ticketing

Effectively manage even the most complex registration processes with Eventmaker’s customized workflows, step-by-step forms, and conditional displays. Our platform offers a module that’s specifically optimized for creating conversion-focused forms.

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Build a dedicated and personalized website to animate your community throughout the year by highlighting your events, sharing content and allowing members to network.

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Emailing Campaigns

By creating your emailing campaigns, you have a simple tool to promote your events and can adapt your communications according to your targets (individuals, members, volunteers, companies, etc.).

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Streaming & Webinars

Elevate the video experience for your entire community with our Eventmaker Live solution! Whether live or pre-recorded streaming, webinars with up to 5,000 attendees, or interactive features, the choice is yours.

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Event Application

Immerse your attendees in an inclusive experience with our mobile applications. From a personalized homepage and program to chat, messaging, and meetings, our app ensures that participants can access all the event’s content in a platform that aligns with your brand image.

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Statistics & Reporting

Monitor your data before, during, and after each event! Our comprehensive statistical reports provide a precise and detailed analysis of your event’s performance.

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Feedback from our clients

“I was delighted with the service provided by Eventmaker. I particularly appreciated the ease of creating the website interface among the wide range of features. After a short training session with a project manager, I could quickly use the platform independently.”

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