Develop a Dynamic and Personalized Online Program


It is essential to structure your event’s content by creating a program to ensure that it is well-organized and easily understandable for participants. With the Eventmaker platform, you can effortlessly build online programs, including the most complex ones, without limitations.

5 reasons to choose Eventmaker

Program flexible

Create a Dynamic and Flexible Program

Develop your event program quickly with a few clicks by defining session titles, types (conference, plenary, etc.), descriptions, photos, and schedules.

Customize participant filters to increase flexibility and organize them to fit your preferences. You can also create multiple programs based on the most relevant content to promote your event.

For instance, if your event spans three weeks, you can generate one program per week and provide a search bar by date to facilitate navigation.

Categorize Your Sessions into Themes

Using themes for your content enables seamless navigation for your website visitors and promotes engagement within your community since it includes multiple categories.

By implementing themes for your sessions, you can:

  • Rate your participants on each theme with the theme scoring
  • Recommend content in emails and on the website
  • Create thematic program pages to showcase your offer


    Program theématiques
    Program vue detaillee

    Enhance Your Program Using a Detailed View

    Provide your visitors with additional information about your program’s content with the help of a detailed view. This content will be beneficial to present complex content more efficiently and optimize your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

    Allow exhibitors or speakers to edit their detailed files to save time and ensure content relevance.

    Facilitate the user experience and maximize meetings by linking your exhibitor and speaker pages to your program.

    Enable Session Registration

    You can allow participants to register for specific sessions in your program and set quotas if required. If a session has a limited capacity, you may display the remaining spots available or set the status as “Full.”



    inscription aux sessions
    Espace Visiteur

    Offer a Personalized Program for Your Guests

    By registering for the different sessions of your program, your visitors can create a personalized program that they can access at any time from their personal space.

    Why Create Your Event Program on Eventmaker?


    Create sessions in a few clicks


    Apply filters, themes, and sub-themes without limitations


    Get assistance from our project managers to create the most complex programs

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