Event Streaming: Enhance the Broadcasting of Your Events

Stream your events online to reach a wider audience and make them accessible to more people. Whether it’s conferences, round tables, or talks, you can enhance the participant experience by leveraging the numerous advantages of event streaming, whether live or recorded.

3 reasons to choose Eventmaker

Grow Your Audience and Boost Your Reach

Share your content with an unlimited number of participants worldwide and expand your audience by offering replays of your live events to allow your participants to access your content on demand.

Adopt our streaming solution to increase your event’s visibility and reach a broader audience.

Maximize Interactions and Engagement

Offer your audience a more immersive virtual experience by allowing them to take part in your events. Your participants can easily share their opinions and interact directly from your live event using chat, polls or integrated interactivity solutions from our partners.

Broadcast in HD Quality

With or without the assistance of a studio, captivate your audience with high-definition live events. Additionally, you can choose to automatically record and broadcast the live stream, giving you greater control.

Why Use Eventmaker for Your Streaming Event?


Stream quality improvement


Live subtitling capability in all languages


Project manager for end-to-end seamless management of live events

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