Create your registration forms online

Your brand, your forms

  • Register your attendees online via your own custom designed forms.

  • Integrate your registration forms on your website or create landing pages especially for your event. 

For example, a "VIP" category will not have a registration form and only an invitation email including the badge. Conversely, a "visitor" category could have a paid form, a confirmation email with badge, etc.

Easily optimize your participants' journey

Because each event is unique, we have developed a Form Builder that allows you to create your own forms in a simple and thorough way, and to activate different options:
  • Create custom fields, order them, condition their appearance according to the answer to another field.

  • Verify and validate your visitors' data (e.g. email, country, a link).

  • Add steps to your form and separate your questions according to their relevance.

Your payments made simple

  • Use promo codes and invitation codes if you are offering discounted rates or registration to a limited audience.

  • Register participants for conferences and workshops.

  • Manage multiple registrations.

  • Send a confirmation email.

  • Moderate registrations.

  • Limit registrations by using quotas.

  • Display certain questions or fields conditionally: allow blocks of questions to be dependent on previous questions or answers.

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Enrollement process

Define a proper enrollment process


Build an online ticketing service under 5 minutes!

Payment & Billing

Collect payments for your event registrations

Statistics and reports

Collect data from your event and use it in real time!

Create registration forms for my event

Can I add the registration form to my own website?

If your site was not created on the Eventmaker platform, it is still possible to integrate your registration forms easily. You can find the iframe that corresponds to your form and integrate it on all your sites.

All our forms allow you to be fully GDPR compliant.
You can add opt-in fields to your form to ensure that you have the consent of your participants, especially if you are collecting data for partners.

By using UTMs in the links to your forms, you can identify where they come from and keep this information in your event's participant list.
There are no limits to the use of UTMs, although the most commonly used are source, medium and campaign.
Any questions ?
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