Collect data from your event and use it in real time!

Thanks to the Reports tab in the back-office, follow the success of your campaigns and your event online. A simple and innovative tool to appreciate at a glance the impact of your communication actions and the behavior of your visitors.

How does it work?

If the Dashboard gives you an overview of the status and evolution of registrations and check-ins over a given period, the Online Reports allow you to go further into the statistics, with no calculations or Excel sheets!

Under the Reports tab, you can generate precise tables, directly online, from the data collected from registrations and check-ins on the day.

All you have to do is choose the type of report:

  • Total attendance, by category, by field, by check-in point.
  • Sales by item, by reservation...

Then the ranges or more precise criteria to observe

  • Status ;
  • Segments created beforehand ;
  • Dates and Hours ;
  • Etc.

You can then consult the figures directly online and/or export them in Excel format.

The advantage of Eventmaker ?

The tool is accessible at any time by any member authorized to manage the event. It avoids tedious operations, often leading to errors, by providing clear tables in standard or customized format (multi-criteria reports).

You can also save segments in order to follow their evolution, and make an instantaneous and quality reporting.

Finally, the use of the entire platform permits a convergence of the data collected - declarative (registrations) and behavioral (on site and online) - for a complete analysis.

Discover all Eventmaker's features

Event data

Collect and manage all your event's data in total autonomy!

Enrollement process

Define a proper enrollment process

Scanning application

Opt for a QR code scanning application

application

Offer a simple and efficient sign-in system!

Exploiting the data of your events

Are your statistics compatible with the Fairs & Exhibitions certification organism?

Yes, the Eventmaker platform's statistics comply with the controls on the figures for commercial events certified by organisations such as OJS, Expocert, Infora and Expo'stat. The platform allows you to analyse on three levels: attendance, ticket sales figures and comparisons from one event to another. Attendance statistics are based on the various fields in your form, on segments created beforehand if necessary, and on the concepts of categories. In each category, you can consult the number of registrations, first visits, revisits, visits, no-shows and the conversion rate

Yes, you can export all your attendance and/or sales statistics in Excel format at any time with one click. Eventmaker also offers a Google Sheets module which is updated in real time.

Statistics module allow you to make a comparison with your event of the previous year in order to identify the different variations. This comparison allows you to consult the evolution of the curve of registrations before the event from one event to another. Finally, you can consult the comparative statistics according to your different criteria with the number of registrations, first visits, revisits, visits, no-shows and the transformation rate.
Any questions ?
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