Offer a simple and efficient sign-in system!

Scan up to 1000 participants per hour !

Forget about printing 10 copies of Excel files for your event's reception, and use the Eventmaker sign-in app.

Once you have imported your list of participants into the platform, it is automatically loaded onto each of your host's iPads. You'll know in real time who and how many people have arrived.

Activate the signature request to get a time-stamped signature at any given check-in point. You can then export the sign-in lists with all the signatures and send them to the employer or the training organization.

Thanks to the iPad sign-in, it is also possible to authorize your participants to come accompanied and thus create and sign-in an unidentified accompanying person upon arrival on site.

Many features at your disposal:

  • Be autonomous in the registration process of your participants 

  • Not need to create badges specifically for your event

  • Register a large amount of participants

  • Simplify and improve guests reception at your events (especially for corporate events)

  • Have a simple and fast management at hand

Are you organizing an event with a high volume of registrations? We recommend you to use badges and a badge scanning mobile app. 

Discover all Eventmaker's features

Scanning application

Opt for a QR code scanning application


Create your registration forms online

Statistics and reports

Collect data from your event and use it in real time!

Optimise the registration of my participants

Can I use my own ipads?

Yes the Eventmaker Check-in app is available for download (on iOS only).

It is possible to export and update via an Excel import all or part of the information that participants have entered in their form. You can define the exports you want according to registration categories, registration session, participant status, etc. 

Via the Mobicheckin application, it is possible to register participants directly on an iPad or smartphone at any time.

The application has been designed to be easy to use for as many people as possible.
Documentation is available to help your team to get started and our project managers are there to support at the event reception.

A sign-in application allows you to validate the arrival of each of your guests from a predefined list. The guests do not have a badge and identify themselves with their first and last names.
A scanning application works on the basis of one badge per guest, usually including a code or QR code that is scanned by the reception staff at your event.a

Sign-in is a simple and quick process to implement, however it may not always be the most optimal choice depending on the size of your event, the program or the intensity of the flow.
Contact your Project Manager to make the most appropriate choice!
Any questions ?
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