Manage your seminars in a very efficient way

The organisation of seminars faces specific challenges, including

  • To lead workshops and transition periods between activities

  • To collect feedback, ask for opinions on strategic issues, encourage discussions and exchanges

  • To create a community spirit or a sense of belonging

  • Get your participants to engage for a brand, an idea, a concept
Our solution

Event management software built to allow you to

  • Run your event in both a global and personalized mode, wherever you are

  • Anticipate decision-making processes and increase your efficiency

  • Run a custom-made seminar

  • Create custom-made invitations to send via an emailing campaign

  • Create a list of participants and access badges

  • Collect real-time data

  • Focus on added-value tasks

What are the advantages of our solution?

  • Tools and processes dedicated to seminar organization thanks to our expertise and experience

  • Interactive animations to enhance the participant experience

  • Your overall needs covered by our platform

The organization of a seminar is a complex process that requires a lot of competencies, means, and time. Eventmaker is the solution to organize very easily a seminar by facilitating the implementation of certain tasks, by automating processes and collecting precious data.