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Since 2009, Eventmaker has been supporting organizers of exhibitions, trade shows, and fairs in overcoming challenges with participant engagement, lead generation, and data management. Partner with us, a trusted ally, to enhance exhibitor ROI and attract a growing number of visitors to your event year after year.

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Our comprehensive event management platform and engagement experts will help you achieve your goals:

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Guarantee Seamless Event Management

Whether it’s on-site or online, Eventmaker simplifies trade show management and execution, from pre-show preparations to post-show follow-up. With just a few clicks, you can upload your guest database, send invitations, and generate personalized badges. We can also assist with seamless access control at the reception and provide efficient management of exhibitors, sponsors, and visitors throughout the event.

Increase the Number of Lead Generation Channels

Empower your exhibitors to enhance their business by accelerating the generation of new, qualified leads and streamlining communication. Our mobile badge scanning application facilitates lead retrieval and enables exhibitors to better qualify leads and improve their sales follow-up. Our platform also allows exhibitors to generate leads when attendees register for a session, watch a replay, request a connection, schedule an appointment, or add a product to their favorites, etc.

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collecter la donnée des salons

Collect and Use Your Trade Show Data

Seamlessly integrate all the essential components of your events, such as registration, appointment scheduling, exhibitor files, check-in, and more, into a single platform. Leverage the valuable data generated during your in-person and virtual events, including both declarative and behavioral information, to construct comprehensive, RGPD-compliant dashboards. Our algorithms allow you to track customer journeys and integrate event data into your information systems (IS).

Manage Your Event Activity Throughout the Year

Boost your engagement with your target market and develop an engaged community all year long by offering interactive live events, replays, blog posts, and more. Our platform enables you to create a website and personalized email campaigns, giving your content the best possible visibility. With our precise scoring system, visitors and exhibitors can easily identify the best meeting opportunities, allowing you to profile your targets from one edition to another and offer them increasingly relevant content over time aligned with their interests.

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Registration & Ticketing

Effortlessly handle your B2B and B2C registration processes, no matter how complex they may be. We offer tailored workflows, progressive forms, conditional displays, and more. You can benefit from our optimized module to create forms that convert.

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Badges & Check-in

Maintain control of your reception by implementing the most suitable model. Generate personalized badges, streamline access to each venue (conferences, VIP area, etc.) and benefit from real-time reporting.

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Develop a personalized website for your event using our trade show modules. Attract new visitors and exhibitors, showcase your speakers and content,  and optimize your event’s attendance!

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Matchmaking & Appointments

With our precise scoring system adapted to your needs and to our appointment-setting tools, you can enhance networking opportunities at your event by facilitating high-quality meetings among your participants.

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Exhibitor & Attendee Areas

Save time and comfort for your exhibitors, visitors or speakers by providing a personalized and user-friendly space dedicated to them.

Application événementielle

Event Application

Immerse your exhibitors and visitors in a seamless experience using a single app! Participants can find their own personalized program, and exhibitors can scan and qualify their leads independently.

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Feedback from our clients

“At our biggest events, the solution allowed us to set up personalized online registration processes, reduce the waiting time on-site, and promote autonomy among hostesses, exhibitors, and visitors.”

Yassine El Manouar

Yassine El Manouar
— Corp Agency

“With the hybrid format developed in partnership with Eventmaker, we are able to cater to the needs of younger people to prepare for their visit and create an immersive experience before, during, and after each event.”

Isabelle Chambon

Isabelle Chambon
— Salons L’Étudiant


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