Unite Your Team Through Exceptional Corporate Events

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Organizing a corporate party is the ideal solution to facilitate communication between employees and celebrate milestones in your company.

At Eventmaker, we help you achieve your goals with a comprehensive platform paired with the expertise of event professionals:

  • Boost your employees’ motivation
  • Strengthen team cohesion
  • Enhance your brand image
  • Show appreciation and reward your employees

    4 to choose Eventmaker for your Company Events

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    Increase Engagement

    Engage your employees in multiple ways before, during and after your company party. Create a dedicated event website, personalized invitation campaigns, or an online chat room to strengthen the relationship between your employees and involve them from the start.

    Simplify Your Check-In Process

    At Eventmaker, we understand the importance of a seamless start to an event, and waiting even 5 minutes at the reception can be a party spoiler. That’s why we offer personalized badges with QR codes, real-time arrival notifications, and contactless payment options to help you manage your registration efficiently and make it more personalized.

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     Promote Meetings

    A corporate party can be an opportunity to meet business partners, strengthen business ties, or network. Create opportunities for your attendees to meet and make relevant connections with our interest-based networking features.

    Get Assistance Throughout the Process

    Eventmaker is more than a simple platform; project management is at the heart of our offer. Our Customer Success Managers ensure your events’ success. Let our experts advise you and share their best practices before, during and after your events.

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    Discover Our Features for Your Corporate Events

    Event Website

    Create a dedicated and personalized event website.

    Emailing Campaigns

    Establish your invitation and promotion campaigns easily.


    Check-in App

    Opt for an efficient and professional check-in aligned with your brand image.

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