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Design a dynamic and customised agenda
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Build your dynamic agenda very easily

Planning your event's agenda is essential to deliver a quick understanding of your organisation. Define each session's title, add a descriptive section about the topics, type of session (conference, workshops...), a photo and a schedule.

Organise your sessions into topics

Using topics will help your visitors to easily find their way through the multiple content offered to them. It will also increase your community engagement.

Topics definition will also:

- Use theme based scoring to evaluate your attendees on each topic
- Recommend specialised content via emails or on the website
- Create Theme based agenda pages to promote your offer

Expand your agenda with detailed sights

Provide additional information to your visitors with additional on the features of your agenda using the detailed sights. This content will be very useful to promote more specific and complex programs, and will help optimise your website' SEO

Linking exhibitors and hosts pages to your agenda will facilitate the user path and ensure meetups . The edit mode granted to exhibitors and speakers will save them time and give opportunity to create a relevant content.


Enable sessions registration

Enable registration for for all your event sessions. If your session is limited by a quota, it will be notified.
ūüí°If the attendee has already registered for a session, the program will indicate a "already registered" message next to the session registration button and will disable the sessions buttons.
Customised agenda

Provide a cutomised agenda to your guests

Facilitate the visitor's agenda information flow during the event by making it editable on his personnal account. The unsubscribe button allows them to unsubscribe at any time.

Any questions?

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