Our Networking offer

Eventmaker helps you build engaged communities
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Provide qualified network to your attendees

Our live chat grants you an efficient communication between exhibitors and attendees... Our video conference feature is also up for socialising

Provide meeting management tools to your guests

Configure appointment schedules between attendees and exhibitors to enhance the networking of your event: while visiting an exhibitor page, timeframes will be available for booking and therefore your exhibitors will profit from newly generated qualified leads.

Help your exhibitors increase their ROI

First contact, appointment scheduling, webinars, all gathered in their dedicated platform. By generating viable opportunities, you take full advantage of our technology to hihglight your exhibitor's success.
Networking & event mobile app

Provide your audience with an interactive experience

Before, during or after the event, the Companion App allows your attendees to connect with the right people.

With Companion App, capture and analyze your community's interactions and measure your exhibitors’ ROI.

Our other features 🚀

Live stream

Through our Live stream offer, you will be able to digitalise all of your events with efficient tools in a secured environment.

Event management

Our full package Event Management offer will allow you to manage your event in its entirety.

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