Eventmaker Leads helps you increase your sales exponentially

Plus de prospects pour vos exposants, du temps gagné, des liste de participants, des leads qualifiés...

An app to save time

Your exhibitors scan the badges of their prospects and immediately qualify every contact (products, profile, degree of maturity).

While respecting the legal framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), offer them a full qualification by transferring all the data collected during registration.

Workshops leads

Offer your exhibitors the possibility to retrieve the lists of participants to conferences and workshops to help them attract more visitors.

Always more leads

Web leads are a new way for your exhibitors to detect any sign of interest from visitors of their website.

These leads allow prepared and enriching exchanges that make the conversion process go faster.

Centralized leads management

From the back-office, your exhibitors have access to all of their leads and their qualified data on-site.

They can download them at any time to optimize their conversion.

A simple offer to commercialize

As an exhibitor, you can directly order online your Eventmaker Leads license.

Autonomously, they receive a confirmation of their order along with all useful information to download and use the app.

You can take a step back and witness the evolution of sales!

Our offer

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Management of the order by Eventmaker

Equip your entire trade show

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