Faites plus de contacts qualifiés sur votre stand

Engage with more qualified people on your booth

Eventmaker Leads maximizes the ROI of your booth

Upcoming trade shows

Make your booth the greatest marketing success of the year

Scan to record all business cards

With the Eventmaker Leads App, all you need to do is to scan the visitors' badge in order to collect their information and those the organizer agrees to give you.

Meet more visitors

Don't lose any contact, record all the information in the app. You will be able to quickly qualify your leads and contact them right after the show!

Get back in touch with your leads faster

The faster you call-back people, the higher your chances are to clinch contracts. Don't waste time, thanks to the Eventmaker Leads App, you will be able to call prospects twice as fast.

Measure your ROI

You will know better what types of prospects you have met. You will also be able to know which of your colleagues will have been the most productive.

Order additional devices in order not to miss any opportunity

You and your colleagues will be meeting new people at your booth, make sure everyone is able to scan the visitor's badges by ordering additional devices.