Lead generation

Boost your exhibitors ROI
Webinars | Appointments | Exhibitor card | Mobile application

Lists of qualified contacts

Offer speaking areas to your exhibitors so they can identify potential customers while bringing qualified content to your agenda!
Exhibitor card

Generate requests

Encourage your exhibitors to elaborate their presentation. It will improve the accuracy of your website's content. Therefoe contact requests will flood in for your exhibitors!
Onsite leads

A conversion app

As your exhibitors scan their prospects' badges they will be able to immediately qualify each contact (profile, products...)
You can offer them a complete qualification by providing them with GDPR compliant data collected during the registration process.
Centralised leads

Productivity gains

Exhibitors have direct access to all their leads and qualified data on site.
They can download them at any time to boost their conversion.

Any questions?

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