Boost Your Audience Reach and Brand Image With Personalized Hybrid and Virtual Events

Enhance Your Virtual and Hybrid Events With Exceptional Video Experience

It is possible to create various video event formats that offer an immersive and seamless experience for your participants within a single platform.

  • Broadcast your conferences in real-time with our live streaming technology
  • Share expert content with our webinar solution

  • Facilitate collaborative sessions among participants with our videoconferencing solution

Benefit from Game-Changing Features

With Eventmaker Live, you can broadcast your online events with advanced features that ensure the best possible conditions. Our pre-recorded live option allows you to broadcast conferences in real-time without any issues. Additionally, our real-time option enables latency-free webinars, facilitating optimal interactions with your audience.

Maximize Your Participants’ Engagement

Engage your audience with moderated chats and interactive features: icebreakers, polls, Q&A, brainstorming, and more. These features make your event more engaging by prompting contributions and answering participants’ questions.

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