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An effective website

The Eventmaker website creation feature is a simple solution to quickly produce an efficient and personalized website for your event.

In just a few clicks you can create pages, add sections to existing pages, add visuals or videos, change colors, and most importantly without needing any technical skills to do it!

Start by choosing the theme of your event website in our gallery, and customize it completely to your brand's image: colors, logos, designs...

Advantages of creating an event website

The event website is an essential tool when you want to organize and promote an event. It can be a real highlight that will serve as a teaser for your event and will allow you to easily communicate with and redirect interested parties.

Moreover, the navigation is really dedicated to transforming visitors into registrants for your event and collect as many registrations through a simple form, for example.
You will also be able to create an exhibitor catalog, highlight your speakers and other contributors, but also create a program for your event.

Display the program of your event

Adding the event's program on your website is crucial if you want your visitors to be interested in your content and register for the workshops, speeches and other activities offered.

This not only allows you to
better promote your content by presenting the themes and speakers, but also to better qualify your registrants, motivate people to register and improve the transformation of your registrants into participants.

Thanks to the filters, your participants will be able to search and sort the results. It will allow them to easily find the most interesting content based on their centers of interest, to which they will be able to register to in a few clicks.

Present your exhibitors, speakers and sponsors online

Give your exhibitors, guests or sponsors a dedicated visibility area to present their company, their offers, and products. 

Stop running after their content
Open a dedicated area, and let your exhibitors and speakers do the work. Choose what information to ask for in order to be the most efficient and appealing. You will just have to validate the publication.

Simplify the searching process
Give your visitors a search by keywords and by criteria that will allow them to exactly find the exhibitors, speakers, partners... they want.

Other technical advantages of the platform

In the back office of your website, you will also have the possibility to set up your tracking and analytics in a simplified way by adding for example your Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics IDs.  

You will be able to manage all the elements of your SEO: title tag, titles (h1, h2, h3...), even your redirections ! An easy management tool to give you the possibility to optimize your natural referencing.

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Create my event website

How to optimize the creation of my site?

Do I need to create a new domain name for my event website?

You can choose between creating a new personalized domain name ( or an Eventmaker sub-domain ( 
If you already have a domain name and wish to use it for your event, it is also possible, especially as a sub-domain (

No, you can create as many pages as you like in our back office.

You can add a cookie banner directly in the back office of your website. It will then be displayed at the bottom of your site. 
It is also possible to add your own cookie banner by adding the script directly in the Eventmaker platform.

Live, storage and data security increase the ecological impact of your event.
Eco-friendly web design aims to anticipate and minimize negative environmental impacts.

We design the Eventmaker platform following eco-design best practices to reduce our energy impact: simple and uncluttered design, automatic sizing, asynchronous processing, etc.

As the creator of content on your sites, you also have a role to play in limiting the ecological impact of your events. 

Web accessibility means making websites more accessible to people with hearing, visual, cognitive or motor disabilities.
The accessibility criteria defined by the W3C (WCAG 2.1) are divided into 3 main categories: development, editorial and graphic design.

Eventmaker is committed to implementing these criteria, even if many of them are the responsibility of content managers.
Any questions ?
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