Be notified!

Notifications for organizers

Follow the registration and the arrival of your participants by activating the notifications by text message or email. This can concern the registration of a new participant to your event, or the arrival on site of a VIP (press, speaker, VIP client, etc.)

Thanks to the notifications, stay tuned about the evolution of your event. What do you gain ? More efficiency, more reactivity and improvement of your customers', partners' and participants' satisfaction!

Notifications for participants

Send push notifications on the website, by text message or by email: encourage your participants to join a conference before it starts, notify them when they receive a meeting request or when the meeting is about to take place. Make the highlights of your event unmissable for your attendees!

Finally, you can personalize notifications to reflect your event and management. Notifications are designed to be sent to the right person, at the right time, to the number or address of your choice! 

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