Increase the number of networking opportunities during your events!

Optimize the networking possibilities of your participants by allowing them to recover the contact information of their interlocutors.
A simple & innovative solution to qualify your leads.

The 8 ways to become a lead with Eventmaker:

1. Scanning the QR code via the Eventmaker Leads mobile app.

2. Coming to a session.

3. Registration to a session.

4. A request to be connected (web lead).

5. Accepting a contact request.

6. Adding a product to your favorites.

7. Schedule an appointment.

8. Messaging service (coming soon).

What is Eventmaker Leads?

A conversion app that allows your exhibitors, recruiters, speakers... to:

  • Scan the visitors' badges and qualify them instantly.

  • Collect the leads directly from the personal space (downloadable at any time) to optimize their conversion.

  • Have a complete qualification thanks to the data collected during the registration, in conformity with the GDPR.

How does the networking app work?

1. Equip your participants with badge readers (iPad or iPod Touch).

2. They scan the QR codes present on the badges of their interlocutors to collect their contact information.

3. They can qualify the lead by adding a note.

4. The list of contacts is available from their personal space.

5. They can find all the leads generated in their own personal space or have the organizer send them after the event.

How to get the remaining leads back?

  • When one of the 7 other ways to become a lead is achieved, the contact is automatically added to the participant's lead list.

  • This list can be accessed from the personal space to review or to download.

  • The entire list of leads, those which automatically move up and those which were collected during the physical event, is sent at the end of the event along with the qualification comments.

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