Maximize your event participation by sending invitation emails

Build emails easily with the Eventmaker email builder:

Event invitation email, confirmation email, follow-up email... By creating your emailing campaigns, you have an easy-to-use tool to promote your events and communicate with your communities throughout the year.

Why create an email invitation to an event?

For events with a large audience, as well as for more restricted events, the email invitation allows you to boost the number of registrations to your event.

Indeed, to have the largest number of participants at your event, it is essential to invite your contacts by sending them invitation emails.

Easy to do, the email allows you to give all the practical details of the event, including information on the program and speakers. To sum up, it serves as a "save the date", to promote the event, and to invite.

Other types of emails exist and can be created on the Eventmaker platform.
For example, it is possible to send
confirmation or reminder emails to people registered for your events. Many possibilities can be considered to communicate with your community at the time of the event or throughout the year. For example, it is possible to opt-in for informative emails to talk about the event's news.

Emails easily designed

The Eventmaker email builder is quick and easy to use. With the help of our project managers, you can create aesthetic, effective and personalized emails for your brand or your event.

Among the available features, it is possible to insert text, banners, images or download buttons in order to transmit the program of your event for example.

You also have the possibility to integrate QR codes in your emails. They can be used to access online content, but also to access the event you are organizing. Indeed, we propose the creation of QR codes with the implementation of a verification and reading device at the entrance of your event. The people invited by email will be able to receive their QR code to access the event and will only have to present their smartphone with the email sent for the code to be scanned and the access authorized.

Create a targeted emailing campaign

You have several audiences to invite to your event? You want to send them a dedicated message and distinguish the registration process, via different forms for example?

With the use of emailing campaigns, you have the possibility to send targeted messages to each of your audiences by encouraging them to register on the form they are concerned by. You can thus create campaigns dedicated to the registration of your targets and others dedicated to maximize the participation of your subscribers on the day.

Our campaign management tool allows you to segment your database according to specific criteria, schedule the sendings and recover the statistics of your emails.

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Create email campaigns for my event

Is there a limit to the volume of contacts that can be sent in email campaigns?

There are no limits in terms of volume and extensions exist to exceed the quotas of emails that would have been defined beforehand in your quote.

Each email sent from the Eventmaker platform contains an unsubscribe link in the footer of the email. When a person clicks on this link to unsubscribe, it open a new page where they can :
  • retrieve all their data from the event's back office
  • edit their information
  • delete their information
  • manage their subscription 

The emails are routed through our partner Mailjet.

Eventmaker has a very good reputation for the deliverability of its emails. We isolate the reputation of the transactional email stream by having two different IP addresses: one for the transactional email stream and one for the campaign email stream. 

For better deliverability, it is possible to customise the sending email address.

The metrics are: number of emails sent, number of emails delivered, number of emails opened and open rate, number of emails clicked and click rate, number of unsubscribes and number of emails reported as spam. You also have access to all the information concerning the bounce on your campaigns.
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