Use printing terminals on your event!

Whatever the format of your badge (A4 paper, pvc credit card or self-adhesive labels), we offer you a customized on-site printing solution!

Offer your guests the possibility to print their badges on site. This way you provide answers in case of forgotten badges or if you want to set up specific badge formats.

The benefits of printing terminals ?

  • Shorten the online registration process by eliminating the printing step.

  • Control badge uniformity by avoiding black and white, color prints or different formats.

  • Avoid double printing and help building a greener event.

  • Save on reception staff costs by opting for computerized reception desks & printing.

  • Speed up the reception/printing flow by automatizing the printing stage and by printing the badge backgrounds beforehand.

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Create your registration forms online

Badges and QR codes

Generate custom badges and QR codes!

Enrollement process

Define a proper enrollment process

Scanning application

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Using printing kiosks at your event

Why deploy self-service kiosks at the reception of my event?

By setting up self-service terminals, you will allow your participants to print their badges directly on site. This will provide answers to the problem of forgotten badges or if you wish to use credit card type badges or any other format.

You deploy self-service printing kiosks to accommodate the flow of participants who do not have badges. Participants enter their information and the badge is printed instantly.

Among other things, the self-printing kiosk speeds up the reception/printing process by automating the printing stage.

Yes, it is a smart decision to offer hosts to help with the "Self registration" of the participants. It is recommended to have 1 host for 2, up to 3 self-service kiosks.

Yes, you will save money on your host personnel by opting for computerized reception and printing desks. The more significant your event is, the more substantial savings will be realized.
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