Manage your conventions in a very efficient way

Manage your conventions

It is an important event that can bring together a large number of people and take place over several days. For this reason, it is essential to properly organize this type of event in terms of the content that will be offered, but also from a logistical and purely organizational point of view.

The organization of conventions faces specific challenges, including:

  • Maximize the conversion rate of your invitations

  • Manage the registration of guests for a dense program of workshops, meetings, conferences...

  • Efficiently and elegantly welcome a large number of selected participants

  • Provide a badge to each participant

  • Offer interactive solutions to increase the involvement of participants, collect feedback, lead debates, encourage discussions and exchanges...
Our solution

The advantages of the Eventmaker solution

  • Tailor-made tools and services for your convenience

  • Tools and processes dedicated to the organization of conventions

  • An elegant and innovative check-in with connected apps for better performance

  • Interactive animations to improve the participant experience

  • All of your needs covered by the solutions offered by our platforms

  • To equip all of your participants with iPads to improve their experience and give them access to more content