Manage your conferences efficiently

Managing a conference with the format's specificities

Eventmaker offers you highly efficient tools to allow you to organize your conference easily while keeping an eye on your budget. With our expertise, we help you find the features that will facilitate the organization of your conference.

The organization of conferences faces specific challenges such as:

  • Maximize the conversion rate of your invitations

  • Manage multiple categories of participants: speakers, guests, the press, VIPs

  • Charge paying registrations, edit invoices

  • Identify participants and control their access to the conference

  • Collect and follow in real-time the attendance statistics of conferences rooms

  • Moderate conferences with interactive real-time solutions: Q&A, words cloud, votes…

  • Facilitate interactions and social media posting
Our solution

Eventmaker is a platform designed to allow you to

  • Run your event in both a global and personalized mode, wherever you are

  • Anticipate decision-making processes and increase your efficiency

  • Create a website that will allow people to find information on speakers, animations…

  • Create emailing campaigns

  • Create custom-made access badges according to the different areas

  • Use real-time statistical tools to run your event in the best way possible

  • Focus on added-value tasks
The advantages

A choice for your convenience

  • Tools and processes dedicated to conference organization thanks to our expertise and experience

  • Elegant and innovative check-in using connected apps for better performances

  • Interactive animations to enhance the participant experience

  • Your overall needs covered by our platform

Eventmaker helps you run your conference thanks to efficient and high-performance tools. Our staff is available to support and advise you on the different features.