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Reflect your image through hydrid and virtual events
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"Let's build together new hybrid templates. In order to create real live experience, share your community' expertise and content online."
Virtual events

Turn your virtual events into a must-attend event

Provide an ultimate and unique virtual experience by broadcasting your event from a live stage or TV set.
A host, one or multiple cameras set up, and the live video footage option, guarantee a high end result that you will be able to broadcast on our HD streaming solution. Live stream and pre recorded videos are available.

Propose a user friendly format view for a favorable exchange

All you need to create a webinar series or conferences, is Eventmaker's video platform, a computer and a webcam. For a more professional setup we encourage you to consider investing in professional equipment.

Increase your attendees' commitment

Provide discussion areas via moderated live chat and interactive features : ice breakers, polls, Q&A, brainstorming... It will help you enhance your community involvement.

Our additional offers for hybrid and virtual events

Event mangement

Our full package Event Management offer will allow you to manage your event in its entirety.


The Networking offer will allow you to create engaged communities and enhance gatherings

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