Eventmaker joins Infopro Digital group to accelerate its development

After several months of work, I am happy to announce that we are joining the Infopro Digital group. This is a new key step for Eventmaker. We will benefit from the resources of the Infopro Digital group and thus accelerate our development as the French and European leader in Event Tech. It is also a turning point for the European Event Tech market, which shows the convergence of technology and services in the event industry.

A boost for our development

For several years, Eventmaker has been pursuing an all-in-one platform strategy which operates on 4 markets (Trade Show, Congresses, Event Agencies, Corporate Events). This strategy, and our team exceptional adaptability, has enabled us to provide the most complete solution on the market for hybridizing events and animating communities. Joining the Infopro Digital group is a turning point: Eventmaker will benefit from the means to develop its platform and accelerate its development in France and internationally.

The new expectations of event organizers

Covid19 has had a lasting impact on our lives, our communication, our meetings, our business. The all-digital has shown its limits, but the world has nevertheless changed. No one can imagine going back to the situation before the crisis. The forced and sudden distancing has brutally broken our work habits and forced us to reconsider the place of technology in all our interactions.

No one was ready when this happened: the last two years have challenged our ability to adapt and innovate. The world of events first went through a phase of technological discovery and experimentation. This phase is now over. The challenge for our customers is now to animate and connect their communities, whether they are physically present or at a distance. They expect us to provide reliable, sustainable and integrated solutions to maintain the link, regardless of the context.

In this new context, the mission of event organizers has changed. They are now becoming community animators. Their business model is also evolving, from a one-time meeting model to a 365-day-a-year service offering model. These services include, in addition to events, webinars, content and sometimes marketplaces. In this new business model, technology plays a key role.

Eventmaker offers a unified platform for creating a community website, recruiting audiences, scheduling sessions (physical or virtual), aggregating data, and multiplying meeting opportunities. Our platform allows us to sustainably meet the expectations of this new market.

I am very happy to pursue this development strategy with the Infopro Digital group.


First of all, I would like to thank the Eventmaker's employees for their trust over the years. Through our work, our perseverance and our common values, we have succeeded in creating a magnificent company with almost 50 employees now. What we have created has enabled us to convince the 8th largest French technology group to position itself in the event technology sector and to offer Eventmaker development prospects for many years to come.

Then, I think of all our dear customers who have also been following us for many years. Listening to you, creating and innovating together will always be our priority. Joining the Software division of Infopro Digital will allow us to pass a key stage of our development and to invest even more while serving you better.

I would also like to thank my investors (the famous FFF: Friends, Fools and Family) who have trusted me over a (very!) long period of time. They had to be visionary to position themselves with us on this market as early as 2010, and especially to trust us again at the very beginning of the pandemic in 2020.
I would like to thank all my partners, past and present. You have followed and supported me throughout these years. Some of you have gone on to brilliant careers outside of Eventmaker (Romain Péchayre at Penny Lane, Alexia Panhard at Whaller, Sébastien Saunier at Wagon), and the others are staying with me to develop Eventmaker within the group (Benoit Cosset, Robin Monjo, Mickael Onillon, Florian Courgenouil and Arnaud Fournier)

Finally, I would like to thank the group's team of entrepreneurs for welcoming us today, with a special mention for Christophe Czaika (Founder and Chairman of Infopro Digital) and Julien Elmaleh (CEO), who have created a climate of trust that has made this great project possible. Thanks to all the teams of the group who helped us in this integration, and particularly to Laurent Leenhardt, Director of the specialized software division, of which we are now part at Infopro Digital.

Long life to Eventmaker at Infopro Digital!

Tristan Verdier, Founder and CEO

About Infopro Digital Group

Infopro Digital is a B2B group specialized in information and data. Ranked as the 8th largest technology group in France, Infopro Digital is present in 17 countries and employs nearly 4,000 people. Its innovative solutions are aimed at professional communities in 5 of the economy: construction and public sector, automotive, industry, insurance & finance and retail. Thanks to the group's sectorial expertise, Infopro Digital covers all the needs of professionals. Its solutions enable decision-makers to make informed decisions and for companies to sustainably develop their commercial activity and performance.