Companion App

Power relevant connections at your events

Provide your audience with an interactive experience

Give them an immersive and interactive experience, within easy reach.

Attendees have the opportunity to interact:
  • with the speakers, during sessions
  • with the organisers
  • with the exhibitors, to discover their offers
  • with their peers

Before, during or after the event, the Companion App allows your attendees to connect with the right people.

Encourage qualified meetings

Offer your attendees a personalized & relevant networking experience:
  • contact search
  • QR code scanning
  • connection requests
  • top matches display according to centers of interest

Retrieve the whole event experience on a single mobile app

Attendees are one-click away to retrieve their customized schedule of sessions, meetings, bookmarked products...

Keep your app users informed about current news and brief notifications using push messages. They will also receive alerts 5 minutes before a session or a meeting starts.

Boost your exhibitors' business

Contribute to your exhibitors’ sales processes and their success at your tradeshow using the Lead Retrieval & Qualification add-on feature. Your exhibitors capture and qualify their leads. Objective: optimize their follow ups after the show.

At any moment, your exhibitors can find all their leads (origin, scoring, rating...) from their dedicated Portal. All they have to do is export them!

With Companion App, capture and analyze your community's interactions and measure your exhibitors’ ROI.

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