Pitch Factory: An Exhibitor Web TV at the Heart of Hybrid Trade Shows

Ever since the pandemic began, professional trade show organizers have been reconsidering their methods, including the format of their events and the economic model itself. In this context, it’s become clear that the future of B2B trade shows lies within their communities and the organizers’ ability to interact with them year round.

The goal is to create opportunities for contact by providing relevant content and online events that reinforce community participation. However, trade shows often run into a lack of resources when it comes to producing content. To meet that need, Eventmaker is proud to present a new service for B2B trade shows: Pitch Factory.

Web TV for your trade show exhibitors

Pitch Factory is a web TV service that helps you get the most out of trade show hybridization by offering an online experience that’s both synchronous (at the same time as the trade show) and asynchronous (after the trade show). To do so, we set up a lightweight system with:

  • A mini recording studio at the trade show for filming interviews with exhibitors.
  • The interviews are scheduled in advance to be filmed every 20 minutes, one right after the other.
  • A host and a director are right there with us to ensure a top quality set-up and content for each interview.
  • The icing on the cake: We provide a photographer to take a professional headshot of each person who is interviewed.

Generating leads for your exhibitors

The exhibitor interviews are broadcast live on the trade show website to truly engage your audience and make potential visitors want to attend, whether they’ve already registered or not.

Once the trade show ends, you’ll have dozens of interviews available to replay on your website. You can choose to put them online all at once, or to publish them in subsequent waves with email marketing campaigns to advertise each one. The second option will generate traffic and potential new registrations for your database.

Your exhibitors will enjoy double the benefits: Besides offering them additional visibility, you’re generating leads for them! Every time a visitor watches an exhibitor interview, it will generate a new lead that will be directly available on their exhibitor page.

A freemium economic model

Implementing Pitch Factory is absolutely free, and you’ll benefit from all the content creation, live broadcasts and replays at no additional cost. Your exhibitors can take advantage of both the
interviews and the additional visibility absolutely free.

As for Eventmaker, we provide the editorial content and the on-site filming system. We then market the video rights, professional photography rights and generated leads to the exhibitors directly. In short, we set up a freemium service and your exhibitors only pay for the value generated in terms of content and qualified contacts.
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