Trade show organizers: why should you recruit Data Specialists and Content Specialists?

A real opportunity to enhance the visibility of companies, trade shows are now seen as something beyond being one-off events. Exhibition organizers now have a long-term objective. Bringing together and hosting a community over the long term entails knowing it well in order to offer it tailored content. Moreover, organizing trade shows involves ever-growing data collection, the management of which often remains tedious. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate Data and Content Specialists into your teams!

1. Data Specialist, the expert on data collection and interpretation

In recent years, data has become one of the main challenges for trade show organizers. From "suitable" data collection to processing, retention, updating, protection or use, the tasks are extensive. This is even more so as the need to build a data-driven strategy is also growing.

A real opportunity for brands to enhance their visibility and encounter potential customers, trade shows allow data collection in different ways. In the digital sphere, they will have access to, among others, connection statistics, exhibitor or visitor pages, webinars, and website statistics. On the physical, they will have, among others, the number of participants, meetings, scanned leads, and even visitor itineraries.

There are so many sources that complicate the aggregation. It is therefore rare to obtain reliable consolidated data that can be easily used.

Nevertheless, this is essential to build a strategy that can satisfy and retain your trade show exhibitors or visitors. By hiring a data analysis specialist, you will be able to analyze, organize, sort, and interpret data – major tasks to accomplish if you want to be on the market, appeal to your audience, and offer relevant programs.

Indeed, when participating in a show, the objective of companies is to generate leads. The bulk of data collected from the participants must be analyzed and interpreted in order to follow up on the most relevant exchanges and retain the target audience.

Among their many activities, the Data Specialist will also be an indispensable asset for the year-long aggregation of your data. Indeed, the limitations of physically collecting data from events are gradually fading with the use of more and more digital formats that now allow data collection throughout the year, and no longer only during the show.
Finally, through an in-depth analysis of the data and its various sources, the Data Specialist will be able to make recommendations that will allow you to adapt your communication strategy. What were the most popular conferences? How many of your participants are repeat visitors? What is your participant turnout in person and on digital platforms? etc. For your communication to be effective, it is necessary to understand the behavior of your target audience and adapt your strategy accordingly!

2. Content Specialist, the expert on relevant and personalized content creation

For your event to be effective, it must be able to offer quality program and content tailored to your target audience. To do this, you will need to enlist the skills of a Content Specialist! Expert in the interpretation of trends, this professional steps in to ensure that the program and content are consistent with what your audience is looking for. In the development of the program and conferences, such as the choice of speakers, the main objective is to meet the expectations of your audience!

The Content Specialist is an expert in their market: they know the main influencers, how to identify the promising subjects that make the headlines, and above all, they have an excellent knowledge of the constituent work.

Establishing a strong editorial policy and offering the most engaging content to generate meetings are tasks that will be facilitated by this professional on your team! Indeed, in order to retain a community, you must maintain its interest by offering quality content that significantly adds value. Disaggregation is unnecessary: quality will take precedence over quantity! Trust between you and your audience can only be built through a good understanding of the latter's expectations and needs. Knowing how to identify them will allow you to create programs and experiences tailored to the issues of your target audience.

The attention and loyalty of participants will depend on your strategy in relation to content and issues to be covered. These must meet your objectives during trade shows as well as over the long term. Your content strategy will therefore have to be designed for the whole year, and hosting your community will require content expertise that you will not be able to do without!

As you, trade show organizers, will understand: the expertise of data and content professionals is essential if you want to achieve your objectives and build community loyalty. Knowing how to collect and interpret data, as well as create relevant and personalized content, is necessary to maintain significant added value on your market.
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