Engage your community for the long haul
with a 365 platform!

After all the constraints brought about by the health crisis, we were able to see event organizers take on a new role: that of a community host. The goal is no longer just to organize events. A true community must be created and engaged throughout the year. The trend is no longer one-off events, but regular exchanges and frequent meetings, whether physical, digital, or hybrid. Learn how to engage your community for the long term with a 365 platform. 

What is 365 engagement?

365 engagement is about hosting a community, that is, a group of people who share common interests and who may or may not interact with each other, beyond attending an event. Organizers, speakers, and participants of the same event, whether face-to-face, digital, or hybrid, keep in touch all year round. 

The challenge, then, is to ensure they express their interest in the organizer 365 days a year. This 365 engagement can take various forms, such as registering for a new event, joining a discussion group, or subscribing to a newsletter exclusive to the community. 

Finally, members of the community gradually become users of the 365 platform, which is made available to them. 

Event strategy: How is community hosting incorporated throughout the year?

To engage your community all year round, it is necessary to strategically increase the number of touchpoints. It is no longer a question of organizing a single big event during the year, but of uniting around you a whole group of people sharing the same issues and needs. There are a number of ways for you to do this:

  • First of all, besides the highlight of major events on your calendar, you can offer free content to your community. Thus, on a regular basis, you will upload blog posts, case studies, white papers, or webinars that can only be accessed by members of your community. 

  • In the same vein, you can send your news via an exclusive newsletter. Here you can share, among others, the latest information about your company, as well as news from your industry. In order not to bore email list subscribers, consider varying the contents. 

  • Finally, it is also possible to offer premium content to your community. For example, you can have an online conference hosted by a renowned speaker in your market, whose paid access is exclusively reserved for your members. This is a great way to identify the most engaged people. 
  • In addition, promoting communication among members of the community is an essential element of a 365 event strategy. To this end, you can set up a chat module that makes networking much easier. Organizers and participants, as well as participants among themselves, can thus exchange instantly.

  • You can also go the extra mile by creating group chats around a given topic. 

  • Lastly, to incorporate community hosting into your event strategy, it is highly recommended that you use the same platform for organizing new events.

Why should you choose a 365 event platform?

A 365 platform is a software product that allows you not only to organize an event, but also to host a community all year round. However, creating a community requires constant and regular effort. Furthermore, it requires different features:
  • Chat
  • Delivery of free and/or paid content
  • Registration form for smaller events
  • Email marketing
  • Etc.

Using a 365 platform makes it possible to centralize all the necessary features before, during, and after an event. It is an all-in-one event marketing platform, just like Eventmaker. Moreover, users become accustomed to using this type of tool during the year. This helps to remove the last sticking points in the use of digital technology to organize online or hybrid events.
Finally, the 365 event platform turns into the social network of the members of your community. This primary interface becomes the meeting point for players in your market. A 365 platform is indispensable if you wish to engage your community around your organization, regardless of external circumstances that may call into question the proper conduct of events, in particular face-to-face ones.

Engaging a community for the long term has become a major challenge for most event organizers. The 365 platform helps meet your needs, as well as those of community members.
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