How you should choose your webinar platform

The emergence of remote work in recent years has led companies to adjust their communication practices. Webinars or "online conferences" offer the opportunity to create new touchpoints and engage with your audience. It is a strategy to establish a close relationship with your participants and create a community while sharing your expertise in certain subjects.

To identify the platform that best suits your needs, you need to ask yourself what type of webinar you would like to conduct. Here are some criteria that will help you choose your future tool.

Features tailored to your needs

Depending on your goals and targets, expectations in terms of features clearly differ. Likewise, whether it is about preparing for the webinar, running it, or following up after it is finished, each step may require specific features. It is therefore important to assess your needs in advance in order to choose the platform that will best meet your expectations.

In the preparatory phase, consider whether it is in your best interest to choose software in which you can:

  • manage the sending of invitation, reminder, and registration confirmation emails to your webinar participants
  • have specific registration processes involving, for example, moderation
  • create a website or webpage in your image, where your participants can register and learn about online conferences
  • accurately track the number of registrants
  • ...

Furthermore, picture yourself in the course of your webinar. It may well be that you need to:

  • set up a chat for participants to chat during the webinar
  • include a survey that would allow participants to vote live
  • offer interactive activities and actions to increase the attention of your registrants
  • present documents and video content
  • offer your participants the opportunity to speak during the presentation
  • conduct it offline rather than live
  • be able to offer it in replay once your webinar is over
  • ...

Overall, these features are just among the many tools that will allow you to have control over the smooth running of your speeches and thus allow you to get organized more easily.
The ease of use of the platform will also be an important consideration.

It will also be essential to clearly identify the pace of your webinars beforehand: Are you looking for a quick fix? A year-round management platform?

You will understand, in a comprehensive manner, that it is best to take stock of all your needs and ensure that they are taken into account in the chosen solution!

Opportunities for platform customization

If it is aimed at promoting your brand, you must ensure that your webinar software offers enough freedom of customization.

Examples include the customization of registration forms, emails, and the website, as well as the addition of your webinar logo or background tailored to your company's brand image.

Integration with other marketing tools

Often, you will need to circulate data between your webinar platform and your marketing tools. Synchronization is therefore an essential element to be taken into account! Whether it is with your management tool for email campaigns, automation, statistics tracking, etc. It is necessary to be attentive to this feasibility, especially if you select some software that does not already offer all these solutions and features (all-in-one platforms).

Webinar platform: What are the rates?

While some software products are free, others may represent an investment. Of course, not all of them will offer you the same number of features or the same quality. Set your goals, assess your long-term needs, and estimate the time required to complete and manage each webinar in order to better understand this essential criterion.

Indeed, if you choose a software product that only offers webinar creation, ask yourself how much time you will have to invest in the preparation of the elements that accompany it, namely invitation and reminder campaigns, creation of a dedicated page, creation of forms, management of registrations, replay sharing, etc. The advantage of all-in-one platforms lies in saving you valuable time on these tasks.

The benefits of all-in-one platforms for event organizers

There are many webinar-organizing software products, such as Livestorm, Zoom, Webikeo, and Gotowebinar. However, these solutions are often limited to webinar management only.

All-in-one platforms are highly valued for their various features. These include:

  • the opportunity to bring together several speakers before an unlimited audience
  • adaptation to your event, whether it is a corporate communication, a product presentation, a training session, or a sharing of expertise
  • the opportunity to select live to enhance the force of interaction between the speakers and the audience, or a pre-recording in order to limit unforeseen events
  • the "Raise your hand" feature, which enhances engagement by offering participants the opportunity to express themselves or to share documents
  • interaction within the chat session
  • the opportunity to share the replay of your online conference, etc.

Added to this is the ease of registration and management of registrant and participant bases. This will be a key success factor if you plan to hold a series of webinars throughout the year.

With the Eventmaker platform, all these actions are made possible! Ensure the comfort of engaging and retaining your clients and prospects (through better tracking of your registrants), create your community by conducting quality webinar series and supporting your participants over the long term.

Eventmaker has created its own webinar platform dedicated to event organizers: Meet by Eventmaker.
Feel free to visit for a concrete example of a year-round community management platform: Meet by Eventmaker.

You now have a good overview of the essential criteria that will help you select "your" online conferencing software, the one that will best balance your expectations and goals.
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