How to choose an event platform?

Five tips to help you make the right choice!
Do you organize online, hybrid or in-person events? Are you looking to simplify your team's work by coordinating their activities on the same interface? Event platforms support you in the creation and organization of all steps involved in the planning of an event. Follow our five tips for choosing the right one.
1. Define the necessary features for organizing your events
Features offered can vary greatly among providers. Before deciding who you’ll partner with, you’ll need to define your needs. We have prepared the following non-exhaustive list of features to help you define yours:

  • Complete customization of the event (website, online registration, emailing, badges with QR codes)
  • Simplified database management
  • Real-time information collection and measurement
  • Post-event statistics report
  • Online chat capabilities
  • Acquisition of leads
2. Protecting participants' data
As an agency or event planner, you are responsible for the collected and stored data of your participants. As such, you’ll need to ensure the security and appropriate use of information related to the digital event. Does the virtual platform follow ISO 27001 standards? Are privacy (GDPR) laws respected? Where is the data kept? Who does it belong to? Please note that this data is your property; it does not belong to the platform. Additionally, it will be indispensable for analyzing and learning more about your audience.
3. Opt for a user-friendly and intuitive platform
The software interface needs to be taken into account when choosing a digital event partner. Can you start using it quickly? Are there any resources available (i.e., technical documentation, video tutorials or step-by-step guides)? The platform must be fluid, intuitive and, above all, customizable to ensure a positive experience for your participants.

Don’t hesitate to schedule a demonstration to get more information and view the features "in action". Also, read the opinions of other users.
4. Ensure that customer service is responsive
Who has never encountered difficulties when using a new tool? Competent customer service can save you precious time. Whether reporting a computer problem or asking a question, being able to communicate with a team of specialists in real time is nearly as important as the software itself. Can they be reached by phone? Is chat support available?

Don’t underestimate the importance of reliable support. Eliminate all virtual event platforms that don’t offer it.
5. Choose an event platform that can evolve
Think about your future needs and your events marketing strategy. Choose a platform that allows you to create in-person, online and hybrid events. In doing so, you’ll have a long-term partner. Invest your time and money in a comprehensive digital solution that fits all your needs.


Whether you're an agency or an event planner, you’ll quickly understand that your choice of event platform greatly influences the success of your events. Eventmaker has the technology and expertise for planning all your corporate events. Request a demonstration to learn more about our platform.

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