5 must-have channels to increase content audience

The high cost of producing content must be cushioned by qualified distribution that optimizes expected returns in terms of visibility, reputation, legitimacy, or business. It is essential, therefore, to consider different distribution channels. Supported by one idea: don't hesitate to multicast content.

It is expensive to produce valuable content. And this is true whether you realize it in-house or outsource it. In both cases, it is all about the time spent, so it entails money. And as we know that only quality content is browsed, that is, content that creates value for readers/listeners/viewers, the experts who produce it are professionals who must be paid their fair value.

A good content strategy relies on a good distribution strategy

Expensive content must therefore be profitable. It deserves to be read, listened to, and viewed by as many people as possible, even several times. To this end, it must be given a chance by making it as visible as possible.

A good content strategy must therefore rely on a good distribution strategy. This is because each member of the potentially interested audience, including professionals, does not have the same consumption habit as another, because one message replaces another really fast, because the algorithms of social networks keep certain mysteries...

The many lives of content

The Egyptians believed that a cat had nine lives. Increasing distribution channels is giving a single piece of content the opportunity to have several lives. And to meet its audience.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of five (5) channels to integrate into its distribution strategy for enhanced visibility:

1. Website: The matrix of content

Whether in a blog or on a dedicated page, all content created must find a convenient hosting platform, a real control center for publications. The idea of being very close to the website, which is promotional by its very nature, must not be overlooked so that from the content, the visitor may be led to more commercial ads or offers.

2. Email: Return to form

Pushing content onto a newsletter or into a simple email is the solution of our time. The health crisis has rekindled interest in email marketing. It is to date the fastest and most reliable communication channel to learn about the content ecosystem. Having a contact's email address means – as GDPR requires – that the relationship is gathering momentum. The email comes to talk to them.

3. Social networks: For multicasting

Content distribution via social networks is no longer an option. However, social marketing requires little thinking and a lot of testing. We start by setting quantitative goals that the publication of content must meet (e.g., website traffic, lead generation, and social interactions) and by measuring returns over time. And we must not hesitate to post the same content several times on the same network by varying the days, times, teasers, etc.

4. Media: In search of expert content

Engaged in intense competition, many media, a fortiori professional, are looking for content that corresponds to their editorial line and their audience. And these can obviously be compatible with yours! Of course, promotional content won't be taken. However, an engaged community or content has every chance of being accepted, and of reaching an audience that is often engaged and enthralled.

5. White paper: The issue of legitimacy

Well drawn up, a white paper can generate a multitude of content. Conversely, a series of articles that discuss the same subject can be compiled in, among others, a white paper, a practical guide, or an inventory. It is a relevant tool to generate legitimacy on a subject we know.
The same content, published on its website, can therefore be pushed by email, integrated into a newsletter, promoted on social networks, offered to a media outlet, and become part of a white paper. It is just as likely as it is given chances to generate spin-offs and meet the goals of the company or of the event.
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