5 reasons to choose a networking app for your event

What if, to add value to your professional events, you offered a networking app to your participants? Whether for an exhibition, a conference, or a business seminar, offering an app is an ideal planning solution to optimize the organization of the day. How do you choose among all the apps available on the digital market? Eventmaker recommends five (5) features that an event app should have.

1 - The main function of the event app: informing

Offering an app for your event is in keeping with the times. However, the app must have a goal and a genuine interest in your participants. In particular, they should be able to find all
the information about the event itself:

  • the date with a reminder before the event,
  • the venue, with a map if necessary,
  • the event program,
  • a description of the conferences and speakers, and so on.

If an event app were to have only one feature, it should be this one!

2 - Managing registrations via the mobile event app

It is important that participants can register directly for your event via their app interface. Give them a simplified and ergonomic user experience to encourage them to centralize their registrations via the app for conferences, sessions, workshops, activities offered, etc.

They will thus be able to find everything on their smartphone or tablet in the blink of an eye: management of their registrations, contacts, and events not to be missed.

3 - Offering tailored experience to participants

Creating an app allows your participants to have an immersive experience and take ownership of your event by customizing their interface. All the information they need is at
their fingertips:

  • bookmarking of products, sessions, conferences, or activities of most interest to them,
  • a calendar with their tailored schedule and the appointments they will have made in advance,
  • a messaging system to exchange with qualified contacts,
  • a notification system so as not to forget the appointments already set and to be sure not to miss anything.

4 - Promoting exchanges through the networking app

To create relevant networking connections, it is important to facilitate exchanges:

  • with the speakers, either by asking questions during the sessions or via a messaging system;
  • with the exhibitors, by promoting contact and meetings ahead of the event;
  • with the organizers, to find out more or obtain the latest news;
  • with other registered participants (searching for contacts, matching, scanning business cards and QR code, creating address books, etc.).

Event networking apps boost engagement and loyalty among participants. The goal: to create interactivity and promote qualified meetings before, during, and after the event.

5 - Offering a lead qualification for exhibitors

The main goal of exhibitors in your professional event is certainly to promote their products or sell their services. Networking apps are very effective tools for generating qualified leads.

The event networking app is a profit-making tool because:

  • it can enhance the visibility of exhibitors to relevant buyers and help them connect with each other via the messaging system;
  • it highlights, by means of matching, the profiles of the best prospects for them;
  • it offers a feature to scan contacts encountered in their booths with an intuitive qualification process;
  • it provides solid statistical data at the end of the event to measure their ROI (Return On Investment).

Why should you choose our Companion App solution?

Companion App is an event app dedicated to event organizers. It meets the five criteria mentioned above and helps you to increase networking opportunities at your event.

We adapt to your project and your objectives to give the best experience to your users, as well as to offer essential tools to your exhibitors to optimize their post-exhibition follow-up.

As you have just witnessed, a networking app is a real plus for the organization and digitalization of an event. If you are not yet convinced, get in touch with us to learn more, and we can discuss the relevance of developing one for your event!
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