Mobile event apps:
a must-have for companies

Are you preparing for a major event? A mobile event app can be an excellent management tool to help facilitate the success of your event. With many features designed to suit all formats (conferences, seminars, trade shows, etc.), these apps put technology at your service. Let's go over the advantages of a mobile app and the major trends we're seeing now.

Digital and face-to-face: the winning combo for events

Face-to-face events are making a comeback: more than 31.7% of future meetings will be held in person! However, this doesn't mean you should abandon digital, for organization as well as communication. Event participants have high expectations (welcoming venue, on-site service, organization) and mobile apps are a must-have to ensure everything runs smoothly.

A recent LinkedIn study (May 2021) shows that 69% of organizers will maintain virtual events over the long term, and that 60% of them will systematically offer a virtual version of their events.

The advantages of a mobile app for your participants

For your event app to be a success, you have to focus on the user experience. Offer your participants an intuitive, simple and engaging virtual journey. What features are essential for them?

1. Find event information

The app is ideal for sharing content about your event (schedules, location, highlights, conferences, speakers, etc.) Even if you have a dedicated website, the app allows visitors to find the right information quickly once it's started (particularly helpful in face-to-face events).

2. Facilitate networking

Prior to the event (75% of participants favor making an appointment before the day) or during (live chat, thematic discussion forums, business card scan, etc.), the mobile app allows participants to meet more easily. It connects participants with each other according to interests (seller/buyer, job seeker/employer, student/teacher), and lets them keep in touch afterwards.

3. Plan your tailor-made participation

With an event app, it's easy to organize your schedule according to your interests: conferences not to be missed, interesting workshops, favorite themes, etc. The app helps you optimize your time by providing appointment reminders throughout the day. It also provides a plan to easily find your way around and go from one appointment to another without a hitch.

4. Attend events anywhere, anytime

With a mobile app, you can reach a large audience, anywhere in the world, with no capacity restrictions. Conferences or debates can be followed live, with a chat to relay everyone's questions, or in replay, allowing you to enjoy rich content without time limits. With appropriate calls to action, the app is a game-changer for engaging your community.

5. Use contactless

With the pandemic, the use of QR Codes has rapidly expanded for many uses (health passes, train tickets, etc.). It's therefore essential to provide this option for your events: scan QR codes for entrance, to access business cards, etc. Thereby, you can professionalize the check-in of your events by saving time for your visitors and promoting online networking.

The advantages of the mobile app for your brand

As an event planner, a mobile app offers many benefits for your brand and your partners.

1. Boost participant engagement

To engage and retain your participants, nothing beats an event app. Registrants to your event can take action and interact through the mobile app. They can ask the organizers and speakers questions, plan their day, make relevant appointments, consult product catalogs, etc. Attendees are no longer mere spectators: they actively participate in the event.

Don't hesitate to add gamification features to make your app more fun: quizzes, photo challenges, polls, etc. Or offer subscription options (a growing business model used by Netflix, Spotify, etc.) to your services. An app with on-demand content can be a good way to keep in touch with the community beyond the event.

2. Get attendee data

Who's at your event? Are they coming to develop their career, discover or buy a product or service, or gather more information on a theme? A mobile app allows you to collect statistical data on visitors, measure their engagement rate (number of connections, services used, etc.) and calculate the ROI of your event.

As you can see, the mobile app is an excellent platform for your event - whether it's face-to-face, virtual or hybrid. It allows you to communicate better, increase your success rate and generate qualified leads. There are countless benefits that make event apps essential for today's companies. Contact Eventmaker to learn more!
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